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How Morgan Makes $60K/Yr at 19 in Digital Marketing

In this video I had the pleasure of interviewing Morgan, who is only 19 years old (!) and recently got a remote digital marketing job making $52K/Yr, after taking my Digital Marketing Career Blueprint course! Morgan also has her own freelance client on the side, bringing her total annual earnings up to more than $60K/Yr!

This is more than many people twice her age make, and all without a college degree. Morgan was in college, under pressure from her family to get a degree – but she decided to go her own way and drop out and get marketable skills. She hustled hard in the course, was on tons of coaching calls, did all the assignments, had good and bad job interviews but did not give up.

And after about 4 months she got this amazing job in an area she’s passionate about! Morgan lives in her own apartment and has no student debt.

She will likely be buying a home and saving for retirement while her peers are graduating from college in a few years wondering how to pay off their loans, how to get a job, and moving back with their parents. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by her story and her determination!


Intro & Welcome


Morgan Shares Her Current Digital Career


Remote Pay for Digital Marketing


Morgan’s Journey as a Remote Digital Marketer


Morgan’s Parents’ Reaction


Hard Work, Patience, and Passion


Right Attitude is Key to Success


Support and Learning as a New Digital Marketer


Dropping Out of College & Finding a New Community


Take Risks


Dropping Off the Face of the Earth


“Skip College for Success”


Final Thoughts

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Digital Marketing is still in high demand.

There are still over 90,000 open digital marketing jobs every day in the US on Linkedin. The demand is surging, and colleges still don’t teach these skills, so there continues to be a shortage of skilled workers. You can get these skills and get hired, just like Morgan.

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This is the book Morgan mentioned that helped her out - it's called "Psycho Cybernetics"