25 Best High Paying Jobs Without A Degree or Experience

“Get a degree and you will get a nice paying job!” is what everyone almost always says. But is it true?

While having a degree does indeed have its benefits, not everyone has the capacity to get one. One of the most common reasons why we are not able to enroll in university is due to financial problems. We have to admit that education has become expensive throughout the years. Even if a person would want to pursue a degree, they do not have the means to do it.

Because of this, people who have no degrees face the stereotype of having meager or low-paying jobs for most of their lives. However, this thinking is simply not true. Even with no degree or experience, people can still have high-paying jobs that will help them get the things they want in life.

Read more to find out what high-paying jobs you can apply for even without a degree or experience.

United States Government Jobs

Government jobs offer a lot of benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement services, and savings plans which is why many people are always on the lookout for them. Although there are federal positions that require a degree, there are also those which do not require to have one. Below are some of the best government jobs suitable for people who do not have a degree:

1. Social Services Assistant

If you are interested in doing social work such as helping troubled families get access to housing assistance or government benefits, then you should apply as a social services assistant. In the US, a social services assistant can earn up to $45,000 a year and some positions only require you to have a high school diploma.

2. Mail Carrier

If delivering letters and packages interests you, then you should try to work as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. Mail carriers can earn up to $52,000 per year.

3. Postal Clerk

Postal clerks also work for the USPS, however, unlike mail carriers, they do not deliver mail and packages. Instead, their responsibilities include sorting and preparing items that will be transported to another postal office or when mail carriers are ready to deliver them to the recipients, receive letters and packages, and also purchase postage stamps. Postal clerks can earn up to $52,000 per year.

4. Court Reporter/ Court Clerk 

A court clerk works in courtrooms and helps out judges, attorneys, and other officers by transcribing legal proceedings, managing court records, and handling important documents such as subpoenas. Requirements in the position may vary as some require a degree while others only require a certificate from a post-secondary institution. Court clerks typically earn up to $60,000 per year.

5. Correctional Officer

A correctional officer is in charge of supervising inmates and maintaining peace in prisons or jails. They also inspect and seize any contraband, file reports, and may also provide support in inmate rehabilitation. No degree is required when becoming a correctional officer but a person will need to complete a training program first. Correctional officers usually earn up to $45,000 per year.

There are also other entry-level government jobs that you can apply for even without having a degree such as administrative assistant, census takers or data entry clerks, and deputy sheriff. You just need to research to get a better understanding of what each job entails and find out whether you need to undergo training programs before you can land the job.


Low-Stress Jobs

Most people nowadays look for jobs that let them have a great work-life balance while still getting paid sufficiently. These are the type of people who work well under low-intensity conditions that also allow them to enjoy doing things they love in their spare time. When it comes to low-stress jobs, an essential factor to consider is whether a person has an interest in a particular position or not. Why is it important? Because if there is no interest from the start, the person might be uncomfortable doing the job and would only pressure them.

Here are some low-stress jobs that might suit your interests:

6. Medical Assistant 

Medical assistants work in facilities such as clinics and hospitals and have responsibilities such as managing paperwork, getting patient information, and scheduling appointments. Most facilities only require a high school diploma for this position but there are others that might require a certificate program. Medical assistants typically earn $30,000 to $40,000 a year.

7. Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are like medical assistants except they work with dentists. They take patients’ information and manage their records and schedule appointments and check-ups. Some dental assistant positions may require a completed accredited program but there are dentists who offer on-the-job training. This position usually has a salary range of $38,000 to $45,000 per year.

8. Massage Therapist

Becoming a massage therapist does not require you to have a degree, however, you need to earn a post-secondary certificate and pass a state license exam. As a massage therapist, your job is to relieve clients from stress and tension by providing them with massage treatments that meet the clients’ needs. The average salary of a massage therapist is usually $40,000 and above.

9. Radiation Therapist

A radiation therapist works with an oncology team and is the one who administers the treatments to cancer patients. They operate the machines and have the responsibility to protect the patient from harmful radiation exposure. As they administer radiation treatment, a radiation therapist would also monitor the patient’s condition and record all necessary information. To become a radiation therapist, one must have an associate’s degree and should pass a national certification exam. Radiation therapists have a median annual salary of $85,000.

10. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

If you do not mind getting physical, applying as a solar photovoltaic installer is a great option. This job is especially great especially if you live in a very sunny place as many people are now shifting to using solar energy as their main source of electricity. As a solar photovoltaic installer or simply PV installer, your job is to install and maintain solar panels. This job usually has an average salary of $40,000.



Outdoor Jobs

Do you love spending time outdoors? Do you feel energized when you are closer to nature? If you hate working inside a confined space and you are looking for jobs that will let you work outdoors, then here is a list of positions that are perfect for you:

11. Farmers and agricultural managers

A farmer usually has his own farm to tend to and his job is to mainly raise and care for livestock, oversee crop productions, and to maintain the cleanliness of all their facilities. Agricultural managers, on the other hand, are hired by a farm owner to handle the daily tasks and operations of their facilities. Usually, farmers and agricultural managers have an average annual salary of $67,000.

12. Masonry worker

Masons build outdoor structures such as walkways, patios, building walls, and fences using bricks, concrete and concrete blocks, and natural and man-made stones. Depending on the material they will be using, a masonry worker can be called brickmasons, blockmasons, or stonemasons. It is a physically demanding job but it does have a good average pay of $46,000 per year.

13. Logging worker

Logging workers typically have different positions including fallers, buckers, tree climbers, log sorters, logging equipment operators, and log graders and scalers. Basically, their job is to cut down desired trees into specific lengths, sort them based on their size and species, transport them into a loading area, measure their volume, and estimate the value of the logs. This type of job can be highly risky therefore, safety training is very important. Logging workers have an average annual salary of $40,000.

14. Wind Turbine Technician

If you do not have a fear of heights, then you might consider applying for a position as a wind turbine technician. In this kind of job, the primary duty is to install, maintain, and repair wind turbines. Since wind energy has become an alternative to generating power, the demand for this job keeps on growing. Candidates for this position should have a postsecondary nondegree award and must also undergo on-the-job training. A wind turbine technician typically earns an average salary of $53,000 a year.

15. Survey Technician

A survey technician assists the surveyor by measuring the Earth’s surface. They collect and gather data using surveying instruments and all information will be reported back to their seniors who will then use it to create topographical maps. A survey technician typically earns an average $45,000 a year.

Entry Level Jobs

When looking for a first job, new graduates and even those with no degree often look for entry-level jobs to start off their careers. These jobs usually only require little to no experience which is perfect for those who want to join the workforce. In the United States, the average entry-level salary per year is $40,000 but this could be higher or lower depending on the state where you live or where you intend to work.

Below is a list of entry-level jobs that do not require a degree:

16. Elevator installer and repairer

Although you will have to go under apprenticeship to learn the job, anyone who has a high school diploma can apply as an elevator installer and repairer. This job entails installing, fixing, and maintaining elevators and has a median salary of $85,000 per year.

17. Administrative assistant

To become an administrative assistant you only need a high school diploma and undergo a few weeks of on-the-job training. The job responsibilities include managing calls, scheduling appointments, maintaining databases and filing systems, arranging meetings, and handling documents. The median salary for this position is $40,000 per year.

18. Real estate agent

The primary duty of a real estate agent is to bring both property buyers and sellers together and they mostly earn through commissions. Although this job only requires at least a high school diploma, states also require candidates to complete some courses and pass a licensing exam. But if you have a knack for sales, this might be a great job for you and it has a median annual salary of $50,000.

19. Wholesale and Manufacturing sales representative

If your communication skills are great and you know how to convince people, then being a sales representative might be a great job for you. The job includes selling goods of wholesalers and manufacturers to other businesses. It can be a pressuring job, but if you do well and make great sales, you can have a median salary of $63,000 per year.

20. Power plant operator, distributor, and dispatcher

As a power plant operator, distributor, and dispatcher, your job will be controlling the power plant that generates and distributes electric power. You can apply for this position even with just a high school diploma but you will need long-term on-the-job training. Nuclear power plant operators need to also have a license. There are many entry-level positions for this job and the median salary of $85,000 per year.

Work From Home Jobs

Some people would rather want to work from the comforts of their homes for numerous reasons. Since we are now living in a digital world, there are a lot of available work-from-home jobs for those interested.

21. Web Developer

Programming has been undoubtedly one of the most learned skills as it presents a lot of opportunities now that mostly everything has gone digital. If you already have a background on programming and are interested in building websites, then being a web developer might be a good job for you. A web developer can earn an average of $73,000 a year.

22. Transcriptionist

If you like transcribing, you can apply as a medical transcriptionist. While some transcriptionists work at a hospital or clinic, there are already available remote jobs for it. This job entails transcribing or typing out recorded medical discussions. Medical transcriptionists earn an average salary of $33,000 per year.

23. Translator

If you are fluent in at least two languages, you can use it to your advantage and become a translator. Basically, this job entails translating documents from one language to another. Translators have an average salary of $45,000 per year.

24. Graphic Designer

Are you a creative person and love making digital art? Graphic designers are high in demand as many businesses and companies are looking for people who can design their websites or make their logos. If you have no knowledge of graphic design but you’re willing to learn, you can enroll in online courses. Graphic designers have an average annual salary of $52,000.

25. Affiliate Marketer

If you own a website or you run a blog, you can monetize it through affiliate marketing. For example, you bought a product from a particular site and you promote it by making a post about it on your own website. In your post, you will put an affiliate link to that product. If one of your readers clicks the link and buys the product, you will earn money. This is one of the best ways to earn money passively, however, you will need to be creative and engaging so that visitors will be enticed to buy products through your referral. According to PayScale, affiliate marketers have an average salary of $51,381.


What Are The Easiest Jobs To Get With No Experience?

Looking for jobs is not an easy task especially if you have no experience. But you do not have to worry about it because there are actually many jobs that do not require prior experience. You only need to be hardworking and willing to be trained by supervisors and leaders if you are interested in the job.

Office jobs such as medical assistant, library assistant, and administrative assistant are positions that you can apply for even if you have no experience. In order to qualify for these positions, you have to be organized and detailed because you will be dealing with important documents and keeping the business running.

If you are a highly persuasive person and can communicate effectively, being a sales representative or agent might be the best position for you. No experience required but you will need a lot of convincing power and motivation when dealing with people. If you already own a car and have a license, you can apply for driving jobs such as a delivery driver or bus driver.

Professional service jobs such as gardener, house painter, or roofer are also other jobs that do not require experience.

What Is The Quickest Career To Get?

There is no single quickest way to jumpstart your career but with little schooling or training, you can start building it. Since mostly everything has been shifting to digital nowadays, many people are also becoming more digitally-inclined.

This is the reason why digital marketing has become a booming career as it aims to bring businesses closer to their target audience. Web developer, social media marketing, copywriting, affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are just some types of digital marketing jobs. Although a degree can be beneficial for this career path, it does not necessarily require it. There are various online courses and training that you can participate in to get more knowledge about what these jobs entail. Once you get sufficient and proper training, you are ready to delve into the world of digital marketing.

Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

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