7 Creatively Satisfying Jobs for Artistic People

Being an artist is a true gift. Though as many artists know, this gift isn’t always rewarded with a high salary. But it doesn’t need to be this way. There are plenty of jobs for artistic people that are creatively satisfying. You just need to know where to look.

Want to learn more? Check out this video to learn how to go from struggling artist to successful digital marketer in no time, and then read about seven great jobs that will satisfy your creative talents.

The Benefits of Creative Jobs

Because it can be so hard to find a job that is creatively stimulating, giving up can often feel like the best option. But you shouldn’t do this, mainly because a creative job allows you to have:

  • An outlet for your creativity — Duh! If you keep it all in, then it’s just going to waste. By finding a job that lets you use your artistic skills, you can put these to use while also making money.
  • Flexibility — A lot of jobs for artists recognize that the creative process can sometimes be chaotic and unpredictable, so you will often find that these positions allow you to have a level of flexibility that most modern job seekers crave. And if you decide to pursue this field as a contractor or freelancer, then you will have even more freedom.

A good salary — Although the common perception is that artists don’t make a lot of money, this really isn’t true. Creativity is valued in lots of different fields, so if you take the time to find your niche and sell your skills, you can make a solid, comfortable salary much more quickly than you think.

The Downsides of Creative Jobs

Although the many jobs for artistic people that are out there can be quite satisfying and stimulating, there are some downsides to choosing this career path. But with the proper strategy, you can manage these and not have to accept something that wastes your skills and talent.

Some of the disadvantages to a creative job include:

  • Fear of judgement and rejection — As an artist, any time you share your work, it can be really scary. Every creative person fears that their work won’t be accepted or appreciated. However, no matter which direction you take your career, you will, at some point, need to get over this. But in the beginning, it’s a real hurdle you must overcome.
  • Freelancer stress — If you decide to go the route of working as a freelancer or contractor, then you will probably experience a bit of stress and anxiety at the beginning. This is totally normal. After all, working as a freelancer is effectively the same as starting your own business. But once you learn to manage this stress, and see that your skills really are valued, then you will learn to move past these challenges and enjoy the freedom of your career.

Creative sacrifices — As an artist, you have a creative vision. This is great, but when you get started with a career, you may have to make some sacrifices in the beginning. Your ideas will get changed and modified by clients, colleagues, and bosses. But this is okay. Don’t take it personally and instead use it as feedback to help you improve. Someday, you will have worked yourself up to a point where your creative vision is what leads the charge in any project in which you’re involved.



The 7 Best Jobs for Artistic People

Now that you know the biggest upsides and downsides for working in a creative field, here are the seven best careers for artists that will allow you to satisfy your creative talents:

#1 Pay-per-Click Advertising Specialist

If this job title sounds like Greek to you, you’re not alone. But all this means is that you’re responsible for making killer ads for the web. Companies pay for them based on how many clicks they get, hence the name.

Once you get past the jargon, you’ll see that this job really is all about making art. The very nature of the work — getting people to click on advertisements while they’re online — demands creativity.

It’s a noisy world out there, and to get people’s attention and convince them to engage, you must create bold, compelling content that stands out.

So, whether you’re making interesting, exciting copy for Google search ads, or eye-popping videos for display ads on the web, there’s always going to be a new outlet for your artistic side.

However, while your creativity alone can win you jobs, knowing about marketing and advertising helps a lot too. Programs such as In Demand’s Free Training can help you build that base and boost your chances of finding a great position in pay-per-click advertising.

You do not, repeat, you do not need a degree in digital marketing or advertising to succeed in this field. Instead, you just need some basic skills and background knowledge, which you can without doing an expensive four-year program.

#2 eCommerce Specialist

Thanks to the internet and our phones, online shopping has become the norm. When we want to buy something, the first thing we usually do is search for it on a mobile device.

On the other side of this convenience, though, there is a whole world, known as eCommerce, and it’s a rapidly growing industry. In fact, global eCommerce sales topped more than $4.3 trillion last year.

Within this world, you will find countless outlets for your creativity. Whether it’s making ads, designing products, creating promotional campaigns, running a podcast or a blog, or more, there are lots of ways you can put your talents to work in eCommerce.

Once you get going in this field, new opportunities will open all the time. There are always new companies to help and new brands to support, and this can turn your career into an exciting journey of creativity and learning.

#3 Art, Music, Drama Teachers

Teachers have a powerful impact on our lives, both in a positive and negative way. In fact, we often pursue the things we do because of the experiences we had with teachers while in school.

Therefore, one of the best careers for artistic people is as a teacher. Such a position will allow you to not only apply your creativity but also inspire others to follow their own artistic instincts. And while it depends on the state, teachers do make a decent salary and enjoy good benefits. But what’s most rewarding is the impact you have on others.

#4 Tattoo or Makeup Artist

Another area you could go to apply your artistic skills is in tattoo and makeup art. As social stigmas around tattoos drop, there is an increasing demand for these types of artists, and you can make a decent living doing it.

Plus, when you paint something on someone’s body, you are forming a connection that will last forever. What could be better than that?

If you don’t like the idea of painting someone with ink, think about becoming a makeup artist. You can do makeup for brides, actors, photographers, politicians, and more. This gives you the chance to not only use your creativity to help others look their best, but you’ll also get the chance to meet lots of interesting people along the way.

#5 SEO Specialist/Consultant

We are almost completely reliant on search engines. Whenever we want to know something, get directions, find out if something is open, get a phone number, and so much more, the first thing we do is search for it.

Therefore, as you can imagine, there is a lot of competition for search engine traffic, so much so that you can make a living helping companies appear in search results and get in front of new eyes.

This field, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is growing and in-demand. Everyone wants search traffic, but few have the time or the focus to make it happen. This is where you can step in, add value, earn great money, and fulfill your creative talents.

SEO work is great for people who like to write, but who also enjoy solving problems. Search engines can be finicky, and performing well often requires you to think outside of the box.

To land a job as an SEO specialist, consider spending some time shoring up on the fundamentals and learning some of the important tricks of the trade, something you can do with this Full Training Program. From there, you can combine your skills and knowledge to win exciting jobs and make money using your artistic abilities.

#6 Product/Industrial Designer

How much of an impact does the way a product looks have on your decision to buy it? Sure, price and functionality are also important. But if it comes down to one or two options, we almost always pick the one that looks “cooler.”

If you take a job as a product/industrial designer, then you will be the one responsible for making sure the product you’re selling does indeed catch the eyes of potential customers.

This job is interesting because you can either do it for one company or as a freelancer, which would give you the chance to design lots of different things. Plus, this job is satisfying since you will be able to see your work on shelves in stores all around the world!

This can also be a rather lucrative career for artistic people, with base salaries starting at around $66,000.

#7 Web Designer

The world today exists almost entirely online. Therefore, if a company or organization is going to be successful, they need a good website. It’s like the storefront of the 21st century. And so much goes into a good website, from the layout and design to the colors and font.

As a web designer, you would be responsible for helping your clients turn the visions they have for their website into reality. To do this, you need to learn to code, which sounds hard but really isn’t if you put your mind to it. Then, you can use your creative skills to create sites that will really stick out and help your clients.

Why Digital Marketing is One of the Best Careers for Artists

Of all the jobs for artistic people we’ve discussed, digital marketing might be the best. Not only does it offer some of the highest salaries, but it is also an incredibly diverse field, meaning your creative skills can be applied in an infinite number of ways.

Take the full training program offered by In Demand Career Center to learn the basics, and then let your creativity take you and your career to new heights. If you are curious how to build your reputation and land high paying jobs, our free training course is the right program for you!

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