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Hey, I’m Seth Hymes, Founder of In Demand Career Training. Back in 2010, I was a broke, unemployed art school grad.  I’d worked as a waiter, cabana boy, and pizza delivery driver. I felt lost both personally and financially. I didn’t have any prospects and felt like I was wasting my life.  One day a friend of mine took me to a seminar that taught the basics of something called “Internet Marketing.” and it blew my mind. Turns out the web wasn’t just for cute cat videos and email, people were making serious money. I became determined to figure out how.

I spent 2010 and 2011 reading blogs, taking courses, learning everything I could about making money with my own websites. I was obsessed. I loved building websites and writing blogs. And by 2011, I’d made about $150. Since I clearly wasn’t going to be an Internet Millionaire, I took a terrible job as a telemarketer to pay the bills.

One day, on my lunch break I was surfing the craigslist job postings. I saw a job titled “Internet Marketing Technician.” I had no experience and no idea what the job involved. All I had was the stuff I’d learned on my own in the past year. I applied for the job without much hope. Within an hour I got a phone call from the company. They wanted to interview me.

In the interview all we did was geek out over all the internet stuff I’d learned in the past year. They were impressed with my knowledge even though I had no experience. Zero. Nada. Zilch. They hired me and handed me $100,000 of monthly ad spend on the Google Ads advertising platform.  I was stunned. And thrilled with the opportunity. I sat next to the VP of the company and he helped teach me this new skillset, known as Search Engine Management. Suddenly instead of desperately submitting resumes and being ghosted, I was being chased by recruiters. I realized there were tons of jobs in this field, and for whatever reason, few people knew about them. Because so few people had the skills, it was tough to fill openings. I call it: “The Most In Demand Career Nobody Knows About.”


Early-Mid 2010

Started Learning Online Marketing

Late 2010

First Paying Job

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Started Freelancing for $30/hour


First Job Making Over $100,000

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Founded Digital Marketing Career Blueprint


Hundreds of New Marketing Professionals

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"Suddenly instead of desperately submitting resumes and being ghosted, I was being chased by recruiters."

I worked at the agency for about a year and a half, gaining experience and building my confidence. By 2013 I was freelancing making $30/hr. By 2014, I took a job for $75K plus bonuses for a total of over $100K per year. All this happened in less than 3 years. My life had completely transformed. I was finally making good money at a job that was engaging and interesting, and my Parents were proud. But I still wanted to be an entrepeneur not an employee. That’s when I got this crazy idea. What if I could show other people how to get these jobs?


So in 2016, I created  the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. I took all my experiences, mistakes, and insights from the past 6 years of my life and turned it into an in depth take you by the hand start from zero training program. I was confident it would help at least a few people. I was aiming for maybe 2 or 3 a month. I had no idea it would end up helping so many people change their lives and gets jobs, just like I did. If you explore the site you’ll see literally dozens and dozens of heartfelt testimonials. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting many of my students in real life.

The digital skills I stumbled into and refined that changed my life are still highly in demand and highly valuable, and will continue to be as more and more of the world goes online.

I invite you to check out my free introductory training to learn more about these skills, and how you can get them and change your life like me and so many of my students.

I recently received an offer for another job as an SEO Manager working fully remote. When I went to tell my current agency, they actually countered the offer even higher and included a title bump! I will always remember where I started! Thanks Again!
Angel NievesNetElixir
I got a job working with a German company! They just sent me back over to Germany for a week for a workshop. You changed my life, and I will be forever grateful for that!
Ashley JacksonWIKA Group

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