Seth Hymes

Helping people turn the corner on their careers for six years

Seth Hymes is the founder of In Demand Career, and has dedicated himself to helping people find better jobs and better lives in the rapidly expanding field of digital marketing. Since 2016, he has striven to find ways to rescue people from the rut of low wage, dead end jobs and into rewarding exciting new careers, no matter if they’re 30 with no career, 40 and looking to start a new career, or anywhere else on their journey.

Ten years ago, Seth was a struggling art school graduate who was moving aimlessly from low wage job to low wage job and worrying that he might never find his way to a meaningful career that would afford him a better existence than just living hand to mouth delivering pizzas or waiting tables. He wanted to find a job that would let him use his creativity, but that also allowed him to live well.

Everything started to change the day he accompanied a friend to a seminar teaching the basics of something called “Internet marketing.” This was 2010 and Internet marketing was a niche term that could mean any of a dozen different things. While the seminar may have been vague, it got Seth thinking in directions he hadn’t previously considered. 

The idea of the Internet being an avenue for reaching a countless number of people and generating revenue from those interactions was still a relatively novel idea. Additionally, at the time when people thought about the internet and making money, the bursting of the dotcom bubble came to mind. 

All the same, Seth was motivated by the possibilities, and resolved to learn everything he could about Internet marketing, e-commerce, website design and blogging. Two years later, armed with his newfound technical knowledge, Seth ventured out into the world making websites and writing blogs…and made about $150. It was clear that though he had pivoted into a more productive career path, there was still something missing. There was some other reason he couldn’t find a job.

What was missing was the money. Without understanding how to leverage his knowledge and monetize his skills, Seth found himself telemarketing to keep himself afloat. While surfing job postings one day during his lunch break, he happened across a job opening for an Internet Marketing Technician, and submitted a routine application for the job. He was surprised when his application garnered a phone call requesting an interview less than an hour later. 

The interview allowed him to show off the impressive array of knowledge he had accrued even though he had no formal experience, and Seth found himself in charge of a $100,000 a month Google Ads advertising budget. Now that he had more knowledge of the finer points of search engine marketing (SEM), Seth was suddenly being pursued for high end jobs where he had formerly sent endless resumes into the void with no results.

It was clear that SEM was a field that was wide open and fertile with good paying opportunities that no one knew about. Three years after he had been delivering pizzas for starvation wages, he started a digital marketing job that totaled $100,000/year between salary and bonuses. It turns out making this kind of money isn’t all that uncommon. He just hadn’t realized it was possible. If only he had known all of this when he was looking for a job as a recent college grad!

Digital marketing had literally transformed Seth’s life and afforded him a standard of living that he had once only dreamed about. It was about this time that he had an epiphany. 

He realized that everything he had learned on his journey from service work to a high end career could be helpful for others. He could share his knowledge and how he did it so that others just like him could help have meaningful, rewarding careers, without having to go back to school for another degree. So he decided to extract the concepts and ideas that had reshaped his life and used them as the basis for a digital marketing career blueprint.

Seth initially hoped to help 3 or 4 people a month jump start their career. Today, he helps hundreds with his full digital marketing training program and is inspired and electrified by the possibility of helping so many more.