Seth Jared

Founder of In Demand Career

Learning from the best

Seth Jared has led an extraordinary life. Throughout the years, he has helped thousands of individuals excel in the field of digital marketing by empowering them to achieve their dreams. Along the way, Seth has established himself as a film producer, author, and entrepreneur.

Growing up in Rochester, New York, Seth Jared had many passions in his youth, including filmmaking. When it was time to choose a career, he decided to pursue this path by enrolling in NYU’s film school. Although he graduated with honors in only 3.5 years, Seth graduated with honors in only 3.5 years, he quickly realized the film program was outdated and impractical for the modern world. 

After graduation, instead of embarking on a filmmaking career, Seth would wait tables and deliver pizzas for the next ten years. Not to be discouraged, Seth used this opportunity to write the book Film Fooled to expose the ineptness of the 50-year-old film production program that refused to change or update its curriculum. 

Seth created the Film School Solution in 2013. Under this 20-hour mentorship program, he helped budding film students excel in the production and screenwriting aspects of the industry. Along with that, this program also inspired many to go on and create their limited-budget feature films. 

 In 2017, Seth used some of his own advice to produce and write the feature comedy Wally Got Wasted, with a budget of only $70,000. The film follows a group of friends as they have one wild night on the streets of Los Angeles. 

 In addition to filmmaking, Seth Jared found another passion in his career path. As luck would have it, his friend took a seminar on digital marketing in 2016, piquing Seth’s interest. He learned that the digital advertising industry used skills that were actually sought-after by many employers, and Seth took an interest in managing digital advertising. 

 With that, he launched a program called the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. This program helps people acquire in-demand skills so that they can get full-time, salaried positions in the industry. The course aims to teach those basic skills, gain experience in the field, learn how to apply for the right jobs, and find the resources to land a lucrative career in digital marketing. 

Using the fundamental skills sought by employers, Seth Jared has helped those interested in digital marketing get a foot into the door of this growing industry. In the years since, Seth has changed the lives of thousands of individuals by showing them how to jumpstart their careers. 

 In 2019, Seth wrote another book titled Skip College for Success. This book focuses on empowering young students to make the best financial and career decisions for themselves and not follow the status quo. 

While many people push the dream of college on these individuals, Seth presents a well-researched argument for how college can be a financial disaster. Since college might not be the best move for many people, Seth provides some actionable steps as an alternative to traditional higher education. 

 Today, Seth Jared continues to help those individuals seeking guidance with their careers. He is the owner and founder of In Demand Career. Whether someone is in a dead-end job or wants to start an exciting new career, Seth uses his experience and guidance to help people find rewarding employment in the field of digital marketing. As of today, thousands of students have benefited from this life-changing career course.