Type 9 Enneagram Careers: Jobs for Peacemakers


Combining professional success with a healthy work life balance can often feel like trying to rub your stomach and tap your head at the same time. You KNOW it’s possible, but it’s HARD.

One of the best ways to get there is to look for and find a job that matches with your personality and who you truly are.

A number of tools are available to help you figure out more about yourself, and one of the most insightful is The Enneagram, which categorizes people in nine main personality types and can be extremely helpful for figuring yourself out.

If you’ve taken the test and are an enneagram type 9, finding the right career can be tough. But here’s how to do it:

The Personality of an Enneagram Type 9


The official nickname of enneagram type 9 personalities is the “peacemaker.” This is because nines seek harmony above all else.

As a nine, you are constantly trying to establish balance in both your internal and external worlds.

When this becomes difficult externally, it’s normal to get lost in your mind, diving deep into your own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Many nines are also quite creative and use their creativity as an outlet for what’s going on inside.



Some of the strengths of an enneagram type 9 include:

Conflict Resolution

Your strong desire to create harmony and peace makes you quite empathetic. You are often great at seeing the different sides of a problem and suggesting an interesting compromise.

Open Mind

To feel more at peace with yourself and the world, you’re good at keeping an open mind so that you can better understand others so that you can tolerate and relate to their unique perspectives.

Deep Connections

Your open-mindedness and empathy allow you to make deep personal connections with others. It may take time for you to welcome people in, but when you do, it can be very rewarding.

Growth Areas

What others call weaknesses, Enneagram scholars prefer to call growth areas. Either way, here are some thing that may hold you back or that could create problems for you professionally:


Trying to make and/or keep the peace can cause you to pay too much attention to what other people want and need, ignoring yourself and your own needs in the process.

Conflict avoidant:

Although you’re quite good at resolving conflicts, it’s often easy for you to convince yourself the best way to achieve peace is to avoid conflict and negative emotions altogether, but that only causes tension to build and creates even more problems.

What 9’s Need in a Jobs

When looking at potential career paths, it’s important to consider what the job entails, how it’s done, and how well it’s going to match with your enneagram type 9 personality.

Some things to look for include:

  • Collaborative environment: Your open-mindedness and natural role as a peacekeeper help you bring together groups with differing opinions to work on a solution. Working in a culture that encourages healthy debate and collaboration can be incredibly rewarding to 9’s.
  • Autonomy: While working in groups is great, you also need time to work on your own and indulge your own creativity. Your mind can take you to great places, but you need some freedom to follow it.
  • Opportunity for growth: You’re not looking to settle into a job and do the same thing forever. Your desire for internal peace might draw you this way, as it can sometimes seem easier to leave things rather than disrupt. But this will eventually get old and create great internal struggle. Focus on career paths that promise growth and development so you can level up professionally as you continue on your journey.

Career Paths for Type 9 Enneagram

As an enneagram type 9, there are a number of fulfilling career paths that are well-suited to your personality type. Here are some of the best:

Digital Marketing

In terms of general fields, it’s tough to beat the appeal of digital marketing. It has a number of different opportunities well-aligned to 9’s and their unique personalities.

Most digital marketing jobs are remote jobs with a great deal of autonomy, giving nines the freedom they need to explore their creative sides and be inside their own heads. But these jobs also have a client facing side that matches up well with their peacemaker approach to life.

Balancing these two aspects of a job is not always easy, but due to the unique strengths and weaknesses inherent to type 9 personalities, it is something that will come more naturally and can make success easier.

In addition to being well-suited for 9s, digital marketing has a number of exciting things going for it, including:

  • Growing demand: Digital marketing is a massive industry and just keeps growing as the digital revolution continues. This means there are LOTS of different jobs available and plenty of opportunity for growth.
  • Flexible working conditions: Most digital marketing jobs these days are either fully remote or partially remote and offer flexible working conditions that make it possible for you to focus on your career and also your personal life.
  • Excellent pay: The importance of digital marketing in today’s economy means companies need to and are willing to pay for results. Entry level jobs often pay 50-70k, and it won’t be long before you’ll be in the market for six-figure positions.

Here are some specific positions you can get in digital marketing with minimal experience and no college degree:

PPC Specialist/Analyst


Pay-Per-Click advertising is a major field within digital marketing. Most of the ads you see on this internet are placed by companies who pay a fee to the platform everytime someone clicks.

A good PPC approach and strategy turns these clicks into sales or some other core business result and is therefore a very effective way to reach a target audience. Success depends on good copy, good placement, and the ability to adapt to what’s working and what’s not.

It’s perfect for 9s since it requires a good deal of creativity but you also need to be able to get inside the minds and hearts of the audience to create material that is going to attack in the right people.

As an added bonus, you can get PPC jobs quite easily after taking the time to learn the skills, and the starting pay is amongst the highest within the world of digital marketing.

SEO Strategist

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about driving traffic to websites via organic search. What this usually translates to is figuring out how to get Google to rank you on the first page of results for different terms known as keywords.

The role of an SEO strategist is to figure out the best way to get visibility on search engines for your clients or company.

It’s a great match for 9’s for a few reasons.

First, while there are some SEO best practices, nearly everyone in the field has differing opinions on what drives results. As a strategist, you will be responsible for consuming all of this information and synthesizing it into a coherent strategy for you and your team.

This means lots of collaboration and also lots of conflicting opinions. As a peacemaker, hearing all of the different perspectives is what you love, and coming up with a winning solution is what you do.

Writer/Content Creator

Content is at the center of all digital marketing as it’s how companies get in front of their target audience and connect with them.

Each year, around $600 billion (with a b) is spent on digital advertising and marketing, and that number is only going up. With content at the center of it, there’s plenty of room for you to get involved and even more room for you to grow.

Creating content as a writer, graphic designer, filmmaker, etc. let’s you explore your creative side, work autonomously, and dive deeper into the meaning of things all while getting paid quite handsomely

Get Started with Your Career In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is such a great fit for enneagram type 9’s that most of you will at least want to give it a try.

Overall, getting started with digital marketing is easy, but with it being so in-demand, there is plenty of competition and breaking in can seem tough.

Training with real-world experience can give you a leg up as an applicant and make it easier to get started. But you DO NOT need a college degree for it.

The In Demand Career Blueprint gives you the necessary skills and training to succeed and also allows you to build a portfolio of real work you can use to sell yourself, all for a fraction of what a four-year degree would cost you.

You can also check out this free masterclass to get an idea of what you will learn and if this is the right path for you.

Additional Career Options for 9’s

If digital marketing doesn’t sound like your thing, there are plenty of other options for enneagram type 9’s. Some of the most well-aligned include:



Your empathy and open mindedness would make you a great fit for the mental health field. Helping people work through their challenges and find harmony and fulfillment in their lives can be tremendously satisfying to 9’s.

One pitfall is that you need to be careful about boundaries. Nines can be self-neglecting, and if you become too involved in your clients/patients’ problems, you can lose sight of yourself and really struggle.

You also typically need a college degree to land a job in this field.

Human Resources Specialist/Manager

As a peacekeeper/conflict resolution specialist, human resources is a natural fit. As a human resources manager or specialist, you will often be responsible for hearing multiple perspectives and offering solutions that help build more harmony. That could be written next to the definition of an enneagram type 9.

Also, HR professionals play an important role in helping foster connections in the workplace and building a stronger, more harmonious work environment for everyone.


As a researcher or professor, you get to spend lots of time with your own thoughts working through problems and finding quality solutions.

As a teacher, you get to spend a lot of time mediating conflict and also working within a structured environment, which can help you remain calm and maintain peace.

You will need a college degree to get into this field, and also be prepared for lots of conflicts with parents, students, and other teachers. SOmetimes this can be too much for 9’s.

Choose a Career Path Aligned with Who You Are

As an enneagram type 9, you have a harmonious nature and a keen ability to remain calm and avoid conflict. Finding a fulfilling career means putting these aspects of your personality type to work while also giving yourself the chance to grow.

Digital marketing stands out as the most well suited for 9’s. It’s a growing field with tons of opportunities that will allow you to flex your peacekeeper skills while also giving you an outlet for your creativity.

Learn how you can get started in this exciting field and make money doing something that aligns with who you truly are!

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